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Graphic Controls Company

Graphical Controls, Inc. was founded and incorporated in 1998 by Joe E. Sardina in Tampa, Florida.

Its name was derived from the main function of the company which is monitoring and controlling an industrial environment via a computer generated, graphical representation of the mechanism being controlled.

Joe E Sardina formed the company when he recognized at the time larger instrumentation electrical controls companies would perform just a build and go service never really providing the ongoing customization nor would they get involved with field process customization and support that was still needed.
He felt that a smaller company more focused on a true ongoing relationship with the customer and their needs could provide the missing gap that was needed and Graphical Controls Inc was born.

Today while Graphical Controls is a leader and fast and growing company providing turnkey electrical control panel instrumentation design and implantation solutions we strive to never loose focus on where we came from and what our customers needs are.

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