Prison Control Systems

Graphical Controls Inc. is a leading provider of Custom Prison Control Systems.

As prisons raise their capacity, this causes more problems and it is critical to have the right prison control systems. This will provide stability and order inside the prison. Prison structure is very important for two MAJOR reasons: to keep society out and the inmates in. That is why we offer many custom built Jail Management Systems to meet all your requirements.

Jail Security Systems

Jail Security Systems

Other prison control systems such as:

  • Lighting
  • Intercom
  • Surveillance

These devices of control systems can all be interconnected to increase security at any prison. Security card passes can be programmed to allow access in and out of different zones within the prison and therefore are also becoming more and more intelligent these days to enable the right clearance for the right jail security personnel.

With a Graphical Controls Inc. solution just about any other device imaginable can be incorporated with these passes such as micro cards and chips to use along with other jail security systems. These type of systems can help to track the location and ownership of the keys. How a prison is run and how it operates all depends on the type of Prison Control Systems that are put in place. That is why we want to design you the right custom Graphical Controls System to meet your needs!