Our Strategy

With every project, Graphical Controls Inc. strives to meet your every need. When you win, we win. We are a team and hiring us means one more for the good guys. Go team!

The Goal

You are the customer and priority and we will always seek to solve your problems. As a Solutions Driven Controls Company We Are The Experts at Problem Solving your Engineering Systems Needs all while driving perfection at a competitive cost..!

The Process

We like to call this Unmatched..!

Understanding Needs Make Actual Technicians Create High Engineered Designs

Understanding of our customer’s current process

Needs analysis is performed so we can provide recommendations

Make it or break it Burn-in time for two days to insure no faults

Actual simulated process of our customer’s  systems needs to insure our controls behave as expected

Technicians with REAL world field experience building and testing our control panels

Create best possible Control Panel solutions for our customer

High quality electrical Control Panel design and fabrication using UL 508A or UL 698A standards if required

Engineered with our own in-house instrumentation controls panel engineers

Designs that meet your needs with no fear of down time

The Outcome

The outcome will always be a happy satisfied customer period..! After all what other outcome should there be…